Super Mechs Gift Keys

Super Mechs Gift Keys:
1. Gift keys can be use for newly created account only. Just take note that we can only use key from level 3 to level 6. Once we reach level 7, we can no longer use our Gift Key.
2. It is important that the Gift Key you are going to use is yours. Meaning,it is best to use Gift Key from your existing account so that you can get the full benefit of using that key. Once the account that used the key reached level 30, the host account will get a free SM Credit of 5000 and 15000 and a chance to get good items by opening a Silver Box.
3. NEver share your Gift Keys to anyone. Because once they stop playing their account your gift codes won’t reset anymore. Meaning, to make your gift code capable for system reset at a given time, the beneficiary account should reach level 30. Follow the following steps to use Gift Key. 1. Open the account wherein you will get the gift key. 2. Click Profile, Gifts, then copy any of the available gift keys. 3. After copying, logout from the current account.
4. Create a new account wherein you will use the gift key.
5. Play this newly created account up to level 3.
6. When you reach level 3, you are now able to use the Gift Key.
7. To do it, again go to Profile, Gifts. You may be ask to register your new account.
8. After registration, you repeat the steps by clicking Profile, Gifts.
9. This time, you will be able to see the Gift Key dialog box and you may now input the Gift Key and then click ‘CLAIM GIFT’.

Play game at:
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Super Smash Flash is a fun, platform-based arcade-style fighting game featuring a whole host of your favorite classic computer game stars including Sonic, Mario, Pikachu, Link, Zelda, and more!


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